Penryn Skydive Event

Tanya’s Courage Trust Inspired by Sasha Watson at Penryn has again made a huge contribution with their Skydive Event throughout April at the Cornish Parachute Club.

Fifteen brave volunteers took part and have raised a magnificent £8832.19!

We would like to thank Michelle Bray for organising the event and the Cornish Parachute Club for all their help and support.

We would also like to thank the following people, Richard Roach, Michele Harris, Kay Barnes, Michelle Bray, Chris Mullins, Jenna Stivey, Natalie George, Maria Collett, Dougie Rundle, Rosie Henry, Judith Wilkes, Siobhan Caddy, Fran McFie and Patrick Grobbelaar for being extremely brave,  jumping out of an aeroplane and raising a huge amount of money for young people with cancer.

Here are few photographs from the event but more will follow soon.

A huge congratulations to everyone who took part and raised money.

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