£18,000.00 Appeal

We have a huge appeal running at the moment, and we need your help.

The Royal Cornwall Hospital are in the process of having a new Outpatients Chemo Suite built. In this suite there will be 2 rooms set aside for Teenagers and Young Adults being treated for Cancer. One of the rooms will be decorated following the theme of our website, and both of the rooms will be fully kitted out by Tanya’s Courage Trust. We will be supplying all of the medical equipment for these 2 rooms, and will also be supplying entertainment equipment such as up to date Flat Screen Tv’s, DVD Players, CD Players, Nintendo Wii’s and other Games Consoles, Laptops and internet dongles, Monthly/Weekly Magazine subscriptions, a Mini Fridge in each room with a constant supply of fizzy drinks, sour sweets, chocolate etc, to entice the tastebuds during chemotherapy treatment. All of these items are so important to the teenagers and young adults, whilst they have their treatment, as they act as a distraction from what they are currently going through, so they wont have to sit bored whilst receiving their treatment, they will have plenty to do to keep them occupied.

In order to supply all of this we need to raise £18,000.o0, but we need to raise this in 7-8 weeks as the rooms are due to open at the end of July 2010.

If there is any way you can help us raise this amount in this short time, please can you get in touch with us. Or if you can sponsor any of us to do our crazy things we are in the process of setting up a Just Giving account, details of which are to follow. In the meantime if you would like to donate to our appeal, please click the “Donate Now” button on the top of each page of our website.

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  1. Debbie Gallagher

    I’ve just seen your May ball appeal. I have no idea if the event has already taken place as there is no actual ball date that I can find on your website.
    Anyway if it hasn’t already been then I would be happy to donate a course of ILIPO laser lipolysis treatments worth £640 for the auction on the ball night. Have a look at our website and see if it would be something that would be attractive to auction.
    If this would be of any help then please do contact us at the salon. Lizzy will be able to help with any paper work you may need.
    Regards and best of luck with the appeal.
    Debbie Gallagher

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