Big News for Tanya’s Courage

As some of you may be aware we have been waiting to announce some exciting news for a few days now, well we have been given the ok to announce the news today.
After a very interesting meeting on Tuesday it was agreed that The Tanya’s Courage Trust are going to be heavily involved in developing a treatment area for teenagers and young adults with Cancer.  The Heamatology Clinic is relocating (still in the Royal Cornwall Hospital) to a bigger area, and due to this relocation there will be 2 rooms specifically for teeneagers and young adults.  The Tanya’s Courage Trust will be involved in kitting out the rooms with up to date entertainment equipment such as Flat Screen Wall Mounted TV’s, Nintendo Wii’s, DVD Players etc. We will possibly also be providing comfortable chairs, for the patients parent (or whoever they bring with them). This is all very much needed for this age group to keep them entertained and keep their minds off things whilst receiving Blood Transfusions, Chemotherapy etc as an Outpatient. Obviuosly this is very exciting for us as this has been our ultimate aim since the charity began back in August 2005. We are now appealing for support by the means of donations from businesses and the general public, or if you would like to host an event for us, we would be so grateful as this is a major project that is very much needed in Conrwall.  If you would like to send a donation or would like more information about this project please call the office on 01726 852369, and we will be very happy to talk with you about any questions or ideas about how we can raise funds for this amazing project.

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