Let’s Turn Cornwall Purple!!

Attention everyone this is very exciting: Pubs, clubs, sports teams, schools, colleges, businesses………………..LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!¬† Ok people this could be big! A lot of you will know that we lost our beautiful Tanya on 7th April 2005. TCT has decided that it is time we marked this day as a charity¬†because if it wasn’t for Tanya wanting to fill the gap in Cornwall for young people with cancer then TCT would not exist and cancer patients and their loved ones would still be fighting the battle alone! We have decided to try and turn Cornwall purple for the day. So please ask at your place of work, school or college if they would get involved. If everyone pays just ¬£1 and wears purple for the day it would not only honour Tanya’s memory but it would raise much needed funds and awareness for the charity that was her wish! So come on please get involved. Purple was Tanya’s favourite colour so lets show her how much she is respected for her ambitions of changing Cornwall’s support of young people with cancer! It turns out that its a saturday. So this adds another possibility. Any musicians that have a gig that day could wear purple and explain to your audience why and maybe do a TCT collection? We should really do all we can to show Tanya how much we admire the courage she showed during her battle! xx

Big Purple Event

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