Rosie Howis and Shaun Fisher – Sleep Tight Angels.

On Wednesday 6th January The Tanya’s Courage Trust were given some very bad news. At 02:00, Rosie Howis from Penzance sadly passed away.

Rosie was 16 and had been battling Cancer since she was 10. She was so very brave and everyone you ask will say she was an inspiration to anyone, she fought this illness with such bravery and determination that it wasn’t going to get the best of her, and she always had the biggest smile on her face you could imagine.

On the night she passed all she wished for was for it to snow, and she got her wish and peacefully passed when the snow stopped falling at 2am.

We also had the tragic news that at 14:25 Shaun Fisher of St Austell had sadly lost his battle with Cancer as well.

Shaun Fisher, 18 had Leukaemia and had been fighting it for 2 years. He recently went to Bristol to undergo a Bone Marrow Transplant which unfortunately was not successful.

Shaun was a loving brother and Son to the Fisher family, and loved nothing more than taking part or watching banger racing. He loved cars and especially loved Grenada’s. Friends and Family had rallied around for him to have his wish fulfilled and gave him a Grenada, which has been spray painted in Tanya’s Courage colours as a memorial to Shaun for his Dad to use for upcoming races.

Both families have put their heart and soul into fighting this illness with their children and this has put massive financial strains on them so Tanya’s Courage Trust are covering the full costs of both funerals. The Billing family who set the charity up in August 2005, had to sell their family car to pay for Tanya’s funeral in April 2005. They simply do not want this to happen to any of the families that they support.

Obviously funerals are not cheap, and they average around £2,500.00, so The Tanya’s Courage Trust are appealing to anyone who maybe able to spare a few pounds to help us help these families at such a tragic and difficult time in their lives. They are not asking for much, even if you donate £1.00 it all helps.

If anyone would like to donate please press the Donate Now button at the top of the page or you can send a cheque made payable to Tanyas Courage to the address shown on our Get In Touch page.

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  1. jack cunningham

    Shaun and I were best friends at primary school and i knew all the family.
    I went to see Shaun on the banger racing day and took some of his other friends from primary school,
    We were very sad to hear that he had paased away but are comforted to know that he is no longer in pain.
    My family and his friends have collected £150.00 pounds and have just sent a donation through this website.
    Please forward our condolences to Shauns family. We will be attended the funeral on Thursday.
    Jack and family, Aaron,Aaron,Jake,Ashley,Jamie and Lachlan

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